The third book in the Oozing Magic Series

It’s Halloween – which is usually Dylan and Emily’s favourite time of year. But this time there’s going to be a full moon, and the smell of bad magic is in the air. It would be far safer to stay at home, and lock all the doors and windows…

One of David Hailwood’s brilliant illustrations.
Dylan and Emily ready for the spooky party in the park…

Dylan barely has time to set foot inside the Spooky Party In The Park before he and his sister Emily are plunged into another breathtaking adventure. Almost captured by a mysterious veiled Flinyor, they are chased by monstrous flying Begrogs, while they race to try and save their friends Snifflebit and Quintus… and that’s just the beginning!

Dylan meets a Begrog in the dark!

Somewhere deep inside a mountain, the Flinyor have imprisoned their grandfather. Can they outrun the Begrogs and Flinyor guards to find him in time – and will they finally discover the secrets he’s been keeping from them?

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