FEBRUARY 2nd 2020 – The Oozing Magic Collection Books 13

It all begins on a Midwinter’s Eve when nine-year-old Dylan and his sister Emily, are plunged into a thrilling magical adventure. Escaping the slimy Whivicks isn’t going to be easy now they’re only three inches high!

jUST one of David Hailwood’s brilliant illustrations.
Dylan and Emily ready for the spooky party in the park…

Book two finds the siblings racing to the rescue of one of Dylan’s least favourite people – the school bully. If that wasn’t bad enough they have the hideous water dwelling Aquelsis to contend with…

Book three takes Dylan and Emily deep underground on a quest to rescue their grandfather from the clutches of the mysterious Flinyor. Will they succeed or will the evil sorcerer Magnus change the whole world forever?

Somewhere deep inside a mountain, the Flinyor have imprisoned their grandfather. Can they outrun the Begrogs and Flinyor guards to find him in time – and will they finally discover the secrets he’s been keeping from them?

Dylan meets a Begrog in the dark!

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