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Hi and welcome to this SPOOKY 1st edition of my Newsletter.

Which author I wonder doesn’t enjoy writing about the weird and wacky myths and ghoulish legends that surround Halloween. I know I do. This year I’ve been asked to tell a spooky story based on the local history of Cusworth Hall near Doncaster. As it happens there are wonderful grounds and a fabulous lake… and, I’ve just discovered, there’s a small stone structure on one of the bodies of water that was used to protect a small boat. It was built when the grounds were originally landscaped in the 1760s.
There will be lots of mysterious and spooky happenings in my story - well it is Halloween. In my next letter, you will find the link to hear the tale for yourselves...



3rd book in The Fraser Chronicles

Everything Jo has fought so hard for teeters on a knife’s edge.
Jo’s friends, his new family - there is so much at stake.
Steiner, the cruel scientist - Herendez, the head of the criminal cartel are closing in - and time is quickly running out for Amy!


Dylan and Emily before things became a little hairy...
Writing the characters of Dylan and Emily was so much fun! I only had to think back to when my two were their ages and it was easy to imagine how they would react to each other.
David Hailwood's fabulous illustrations bring the whole event to life...
And who knew Dylan's cap had a mind of its own?

Short chapters - fast-paced and exciting great reading for any 7-10 year old...
Pumpkins - tasty spiders and some very strange teeth!
Thank you to 'Mark Hoffman' and 'The pampered Chef' for these brilliant ideas!! Find more on '20 easy DIY Halloween tricks and treats...'

These spider treats are made from mini chocolate doughnuts for the body - Medium-sized pretzel twists for the legs not forgetting M&M's for the eyes... (Mark Hoffman) If you can't find doughnuts, why not make some chocolate cupcakes and turn those into monstrous spiders instead! I would love to see pictures of your efforts...

And those teeth?
Sliced apples with mini marshmallows for the teeth Stick them to the apple with peanut butter or something sticky and sweet - You can replace a couple with almonds to give them fangs!!! (The Pampered Chef) Don't forget to dip the apple in lemon or orange juice to stop the white skin from browning... Mmmm gruesome but tasty...
spider for newsletter
teeth for newsletter
Some say the carving of lanterns originated in Ireland to chase away the lingering souls of the dead... But they didn't grow pumpkins so what did they use?

What do you get if you cross a vampire and a teacher?
Lots of Blood tests!!!!
(Thank you Danya Banya)
Where will your next adventure take you?
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