Once upon a time – when the world was very different, I was a Psychiatric nurse. Weird how things move on… Now I have six Children’s books published, as well as two out on audio – Deadwood Hall & Deep Waters from the Oozing Magic series. In 2022 I embarked on another adventure – Adult literature – Crime novels!

I grew up in Newport, South Wales, (UK), and happily fed on a rich diet of Welsh and greek myths. Perhaps it’s not so surprising my stories, especially for the younger age group, are full of strange and often magical creatures.

And this is the very first weird creature you’ll meet…
But which book?
Beautifully illustrated by David Hailwood

In my fantasy worlds, danger and friendship are often VERY close partners, so be prepared for some hair-raising adventures!

I’m a lover of fantasy.  My first love was Tolkien and Lord of the Rings. I had a brief fling with Issac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke in the late 70s. I read every single word of J K Rolling’s books out loud to my children, long before the tapes came out… Ursula LeGuin Earthsea series is wonderful… I think you get the idea?

Perhaps it’s my Welsh upbringing that gives me a fascination with the dark and the perverse?  It certainly gave me an ear for the lyrical.

During lockdown – I’ve been helping to co-produce some short fun video stories with my husband. I write – he does the hard work and creates the puppets and the theatres… You can find links to the videos on the page – Links You Might Enjoy

This centipede doesn’t look very friendly. Don’t let his looks deceive you…
He just might be handy in a tight corner!
Brilliantly illustrated by: David Hailwood

Now I’m immersed in the bleak world of mystery and crime, where every character is an enigma waiting to be discovered. Why not check out NORTH RUN on the menu. There you’ll find a link to that and all my books.

Happy Reading