ABOUT A Fistful of Feathers

It’s bad enough being thirteen. Not having a family and never living anywhere longer than a few months… now that’s pretty rough. But what really stinks, is living with a massive lump on your neck that just keeps growing!  Jo, part of an illegal experiment that could cost him his life, decides to go on the run, so that the sinister Dr Bowden can’t perform the ‘final examination’.  No one has EVER survived that experience…

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There is nothing I like better than spinning a tale-

preferably one that twists and curves.

I’m a lover of fantasy.  My first love was Tolkien and Lord of the Rings. I had a brief fling with Issac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke in the late 70’s. I read every single word of J K Rolling’s books out loud to my children, long before the tapes came out… Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea series is wonderful… I think you get the idea?

Perhaps it’s my Welsh upbringing that gives me a fascination with the dark and the perverse?  It certainly gave me an ear for the lyrical.

Yet ‘A Fistful of Feathers’ is far from being a fantasy. Yes, there are elements which feed into the ‘fantastical’ but, I wanted to write something edgy. An adventure for that younger age group that captured their imagination. Got them wondering. Maybe what happens to Jo is possible?  Should it be possible? Has it already been done!