Review A Fistful Of Feathers by Michele Beck

The full article was printed in Doncopolitan Magazine – issue 29 May – 2018

The first in a three-part sequel, A Fistful of Feathers
sufficiently wets the appetite. At the tender age of only
thirteen Jo has had a tough life, in and out of different
homes – with no place to call home and no family to love.
It isn’t about to get easier either, Jo has an excruciating
lump on his back and after undergoing medical
experimentation at the hands of the evil Dr Bowden, Jo
has decided to run away. In a night flit from the Bigwell’s farm,
Jo escapes to his friend Dan’s house and plans his route to
freedom. The story then takes on a rite of passage journey,
having a modern-day Catcher in the Rye feel to it. Jo
endures fast and eventful twists and turns, experiencing
many near misses as he is closely followed by ‘The Driver’
(one of Bowden’s cronies) in his menacing BMW. Jo is
hiding a secret – something which could compromise his
friendship with Dan, new found friends and Dan’s dad
(who represents the father figure he has lacked but so
desperately craves.) Can Jo get the love and acceptance he
needs at the same time as releasing the other unfortunate
souls who have fallen foul to Dr Bowden and his evil

The excellent Linda Jones creates the relatable, curious
lovable character of Jo, as he demands the reader’s
attention and empathy from the start. Most notable is
Linda’s portrayal of the female characters throughout the
book, teenage girls who demonstrate great leadership
skills and a whole lot of kick-ass ness – no damsels
in distress here! Linda creates intrigue, mystery, and
excitement, as the reader’s lust for the next clue,
devouring chapters with ease. This is a must read for
young adults and adults everywhere. A true coming of age
novel with a classic resolution of conflict and elements
of humour scattered throughout. A triumph for a talented
writer from Doncaster and a reason to celebrate the
culture we cultivate in Doncaster’s own literary scene.


Reviewed by the excellent Tonja Drecka on bookworm for kids. April 2019