23rd September 2021

Winner of A Premier Readers’ Award 2020

Anne Pritchard – Blogger Reviewer

TITLE: A Fistful Of Feathers; Part 1 of The Fraser Chronicles.
AUTHOR: Linda Jones
PUBLISHED BY: Linda Jones Bavoom Publishing
There’s nothing I love more than a tale with twists and turns. Couple that with a touch of fantasy and I’m in. For me ‘A Fistful Of Feathers’ is more than a fantasy; it’s down-to-earth fiction with a believable tale, something which could have really happened. It’s a superb adventure which will capture the imagination of younger readers aged 9-12 years and keep them guessing.

A well-written riveting story with excitement, unexpected twists and resilient characters, it portrays teenagers as they really are: inquisitive and resourceful. It also portrays positive representation of girls who have great leadership skills and are interested in sport. The fully fleshed-out characters readers are introduced to along Jo’s journey are complex and hold an important place in the story as they are credible with significant character qualities and imperfections which I found stimulating.

This is a brilliantly imaginative modern fantasy story about Jo; a thirteen year old boy who wants to be the same as everyone else; he wants to be able to look in the mirror and not see what he sees staring back at him. Jo has a lump growing from his neck and it starts to change. He is part of a strange experiment and with the help of his friends he begins to get closer to the truth. As the story moves to Scotland, with many adventures along the way, it leads up to the moment when Jo is forced to make a difficult decision that could change everything. If he doesn’t tell his new friends everything, the chances are they’ll be hurt but if he exposes his secret he risks alienating the only real friends he has ever known.

‘A Fistful Of Feathers’ is sometimes a tense read but this adds to the enjoyment and I particularly liked the way the author throws readers straight in to the story, making them want to find out more about Jo.  I found myself racing through the chapters to find out what happened next.  It will ask readers if what happened to Jo is possible or even if it hasn’t already been done?

This is a magical coming-of-age tale with fast-paced action, perfect for the short attention span of younger readers but in my opinion suitable for readers of all ages; it is a unique story that will leave readers wanting more.

I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to spend some time in a brilliantly imaginative magical world.

Reviewer – Anne Pritchard