The third book in the Fraser Chronicles…

Everything Jo has fought so hard for teeters on a knife’s edge.

Jo’s friends, his new family – there is so much at stake.

Steiner, the cruel scientist – Herendez, the head of the criminal cartel are closing in – and time is quickly running out for Amy!

Can Jo save Amy from Steiner’s experiments and stay alive? The odds are stacked against him…

Now he’s going to need his friends more than ever – but how much are they prepared to risk?

The explosive next book in the Fraser Chronicles is finally here…

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And here is the five-star review by top-rank blogger and reviewer Anne Pritchard

TITLE: Freedom Rising – Book 3 of ‘The Fraser Chronicles’.
AUTHOR: Linda Jones
PUBLISHED BY: Linda Jones Bavoom Publishing

Book 3 of the Fraser Chronicles is a superb conclusion to Books 1 and 2 which will capture the imagination of readers aged 10-18 years of age. It is a terrific adventure and will keep readers guessing right to the end; this concluding adventure story will hold the imagination keeping readers enthralled, not wanting to put it down.

Everything our hero, Jo, has fought so hard for rests on a knife’s edge and Jo’s friends, his new family, along with all that he has worked so hard to find and establish is at stake.

There’s the head of the criminal cartel Herendez, and the cruel scientist, Steiner on his heels and, Amy is in serious danger. Jo must save Amy from Steiner’s wicked grasp and his sinister experiments whilst at the same time keeping himself from mortal danger.

This is an excellent ending to a superlative series of stories; no one will be disappointed with it, it is an outstanding finale.

This book has a reading age of 10-18 years but I’m sure many adults will enjoy it as well; I particularly enjoy the way the author throws readers straight into the story, making them want to find out more about Jo and the other characters in the tale. 

I definitely found it hard to put down as I couldn’t wait to learn more of Jo’s exploits and how things turned out for him. I’m sure readers of the series will be interested to know more about Jo as he grows up into adult life, it could lead on to a series of adult Jo’s adventures.

It is an excellent fantasy page-turner with modern-day dialogue which young teenagers and grown-ups will appreciate a great novel for children and adults.

I particularly liked the small-sized chapters which kept the story on point and made the book easy to pick up and put down and to return to without having the problem of remembering where I left off; the length of the book is also ideal; compact and not excessively lengthy.

The well-thought-out characters in this third book will give any cynical teenage reader a further taste of magic which they may well come to believe in. At the same time, it is a must-read for adult book lovers who will definitely relish the well-written exploits contained in a brilliant contemporary, inspired fantasy tale.

The story is magical for all ages; it has excitement and unexpected twists and will definitely have readers wanting more, I can thoroughly recommend it.

There are many outstanding questions to be answered, such as will Amy cope with having wings? Will readers learn more about the children in Australia? And will there be any other threatening characters who are after Jo?

The book cover was designed and illustrated by Brett Burbridge

Reviewer – Anne Pritchard