Mystery – Adventure -There’s enough teenage mayhem to keep everyone happy

It’s bad enough being thirteen. Not having a family and never living anywhere longer than a few months… now, that’s pretty rough. But what really stinks is living with a massive lump on your neck that just keeps growing!
Jo, part of an illegal experiment that could cost him his life, decides to go on the run, so that the sinister Dr Bowden can’t perform the ‘final examination’ No one has ever survived that experience… Jo finally finds safety and true friendship amongst a group of people who don’t see him as a freak…
But lurking in the shadows, Bowden’s men are waiting, ready to pounce. Jo has to make a choice: submit to Dr Bowden and be hauled back to the creepy clinic or expose his secret to save them all – and risk losing the only friends he’s ever known…

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