Creating short stories for puppet shows…

Does that sound like fun? Sometimes, writing a really short piece is as difficult as putting together a novel! Working with Phil, a very clever man, (who happens to be my husband), we manage to put together words and movement into short puppet shows. When we’re not in the middle of a pandemic, we perform live. For the last few years we produced Shadow puppet theatres at Christmas for Cusworth Hall . Always hilarious to watch – because so much can go wrong…

Magical Mayhem at Cusworth Hall…
Beware the Eyeballs!

Some of the storytelling I’ve enjoyed the most has been for Halloween, at Doncaster Museum and Cusworth Hall. Creating special effects – Eyeballs that erupt out of a box – bats swinging across the ceiling (when it works!) Spiders, creepy noises. Not forgetting the dressing up – that has to be the best bit.

Most recently, Phil has made a series of cardboard theatres. The first one was made from a shoe box… Below is the link to Doncaster’s Heritage site, where you can find the first puppet story, on video. ‘The Cat and the Dancing Hat‘ and find the video which explains how we made the theatre and the puppets. Enjoy your puppeteering – and the story writing…

And keep checking in – I’m going to be posting more videos and stories very soon!

A Cardboard Theatre made from a Shoebox….


The stories –

The Cat and the Dancing Hat’ written by Linda Jones – puppets, design Philip Jones

‘Rosa’s Halloween‘ written by Linda Jones – puppets, design Philip Jones

Puddle Troubles – written by Linda Jones illustrations Briony Hallas & Philip Jones

Mutton The Magnificent! – At the Doncaster Air Show 1909

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